Who’s Who in Denton County: Ray and Georgia Gough

Ray and Georgia

Ray and Georgia Gough. Photo from the book “Legendary Locals of Denton” by Dr. Georgia Caraway (photo from Monte B Photography)

Ray and Georgia Gough, through their decades of teaching and support have cemented themselves as some of the foremost pioneers and advocates for the visual arts in Denton.

Ray received his bachelors degree in art from UNT in 1940 and then went on to receive his masters in 1941. He served in the Navy for four years during World War II. After the end of the war, Ray went to the Illinois Institute of Technology and honed his interior design skills with such names as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the best-known name in modernist architecture. Ray returned to Denton as a professor in 1950, where he would remain until 1979. He is considered the founder of the Interior Design program at the College of Visual Arts and Design.


Georgia Gough at the Greater Denton Arts Council in 1990

Georgia Leach Gough received her masters degree in 1946 at UNT. She taught as a professor of ceramics at the school for 25 years and served on the board at the Greater Denton Arts Council for 12 years. She founded the annual “Materials Hard + Soft” exhibition in 1987, which is about to enter its 33rd year in operation. Both Ray and Georgia are Professors Emeriti of the college. They met as faculty and got married over two decades after working together as respected colleagues.

The legacy of the Goughs spans all across the city of Denton. The College of Visual Arts and Design has a lecture series named after Ray Gough, recognizing him for the work he did for the interior design program and his interest in funding lectures during his tenure. The design research room in the new art building is named after the couple. The Goughs continue their support of the school through scholarships for students focused on design and craft-based arts. One of the galleries at the Greater Denton Arts Council is named the “Gough Gallery” after Ray and Georgia Gough and Georgia’s lasting contribution to the organization.


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“Legendary Locals of Denton” by Dr. Georgia Caraway


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